Wireworm Control

How much does wireworm cost you?

Wireworm is a tough soil insect to control. Attracted to grasses, its five-year life cycle means annual crop rotation won’t reduce pressure.

While neonic seed treatments can repel wireworms at planting - protecting early growth, that protection diminishes over time, leaving your crops vulnerable to stand loss, yield loss, and damage.

We can help.

Reduce pressure, protect yield

At Persistent BioControl, we produce insect attacking nematodes that kill wireworm larva before they can damage your wheat.

Our nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil.  Just one application will protect your field for multiple growing seasons, lowering wireworm pressure and protecting valuable yield.

Our product can be applied through any center pivot or spray rig - no special equipment required. And you can apply anytime the soil temperature is above 50F.

Explore the Science.
“This long-term solution to a big problem is very exciting and we’ve already seen persistence in the farm's soil. I only see potential in what nematodes offer growers, and in a cool and cost-effective way."
New Paltz, NY

An Affordable, Long-Term Solution

Pricing starts at $70 / acre for our wireworm formula. Discounts are available for large orders.

Since our nematodes are persistent, this is one-time expense that will pay dividends for years to come.

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Application is Simple.

For fields with center pivot irrigation, our nematodes can be injected straight into the irrigation water.

Alternately, any ground spray rig can be used for application. To prepare the sprayer, flush the tank and all lines, then remove all screens and filters.

Download our spray rig application guide to learn more:

Results Heading

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“I encourage all orchards to consider adding these nematodes to a holistic approach to orchard pest management - especially when the interventions are low cost and easy to do, like the nematodes.”
Van Etten, NY

The Science of Persistence

Curious about the 30+ years of research behind this innovative technology?  

…or perhaps this sounds too good to be true?

Discover the science behind persistence.

Cutting-Edge Integrated Pest Management

Join the hundreds of farmers from across the country who are incorporating our persistent biocontrol nematodes into their IPM strategy and recovering lost yield. With 70,000+ acres already applied, you can be confident that our product delivers the protection that your crops need.


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Wireworm Control

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Large order discounts available.  Minimum lead time from order to delivery is 4 weeks.

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