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Skeptical about rootworm resistance?

Check out this great article from Prairie Farmer for more info.

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A New Crop Protection Tool

Soil insect pests have long plagued farmers by feeding on seeds and crop roots—resulting in lower crop yields, wasted inputs like water, and increased plant disease.

Because soil insects spend most of their life underground, we have surprisingly few options to control them. Many insects, like Western Corn Rootworm, have developed resistance to commonly used insecticides and genetically modified crop varieties like Bt-RW traited corn.

Persistent BioControl offers farmers a new tool to fight soil insect pests—persistent biocontrol nematodes. Our product is certified organic, nontoxic, easily applied, and requires only one application for multiple years of control.

Healthy Roots, Higher Yield

It's simple—maximizing yield starts with a healthy crop root system that makes the most of expensive inputs. Persistent BioControl nematodes eliminate soil insect pests like Corn Rootworm, Wireworm, and Black Vine Weevil, before they cost you yield.

Our biocontrol nematodes have retained their natural ability to persist across growing seasons, allowing a single application of our product to protect your field for multiple years.  This innovation has reduced the cost for farmers and finally made biocontrol nematodes an economically viable option for soil insect control.

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Crops We Treat

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Cutting-Edge Integrated Pest Management

Join hundreds of farmers from across the country who are incorporating our persistent biocontrol nematodes into their IPM strategy and recovering lost yield. With 70,000+ acres already applied, you can be confident that our product delivers the protection your crops need.

The Science of Persistence

Curious about the 30+ years of research behind this innovative technology?

…or perhaps this sounds too good to be true?

Discover the science behind persistence.

Application is Simple.

For irrigated fields, apply our nematodes through any center pivot using your chemigation pump.  We recommend application with at least 1/4” of water.  

For non-irrigated fields, any ground spray rig will work.  To prepare the sprayer, flush the tank and all lines, then remove all screens and filters.

That's it! No special equipment or training needed. Click below to download our application guide.


Corn Rootworm Control

(for Bt-RW Traited Corn)



Wireworm Control

(for Wheat)



Black Vine Weevil Control

(for Hops)


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Persistent BioControl™ nematodes are backed by 25+ years of university research and have been successfully applied in 12 states including New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New York.

Our biocontrol nematodes have never failed to establish in any field where they’ve been applied and the original test plots are still showing persistence over 20 years later!